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Our Resolutions

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Custom dictates that the New Year goes hand in hand with resolutions. And yet, not sticking to them is almost part of the tradition! The enthusiasm felt in the first weeks seldom withstands day-to-day obligations.

The idea of promises we make to ourselves remains a good one, perhaps the goals are what needs to be reviewed. Instead of contraints, restrictions, and the unlikely or even the unattainable, why not simply aim for wellness - ours and those of others.

After all, isn't striking a balance that is all our own the greatest accomplishment ? There is no magic formula; it is unique to each and everyone.

At the start of 2017, Maison Marie Saint Pierre offers you 10 suggestions of resolutions that share its spirit. We invite you to make them your own, to alter them, or to formulate others that suit you best.

  • Call a loved one more often;
  • Take the time to pen a long handwritten letter to an old friend and to send it in the mail ;
  • Send flowers to someone (or to yourself) for no reason at all;
  • Purchase and support local creations;
  • Be generous of your time;
  • Buy a travel guide for your city to see it in a new light;
  • Dare to give compliments to others
  • Read a classic work of literature;
  • Dress for yourself rather than for others;
  • Ask yourself, at the end of the day, what its three high points were.

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