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Like a work of art

A desire for an abstract landscape was the spark plug for this print. The idea was to illustrate nature through the tie dye tradition and bridge the gap between art, nature and clothing.

To be the mirror or the reflection of nature, to become the work of art, this is the idea behind the visual of the Atelier collection. The print is a false cameo in colors ranging from grass green to salmon pink with a contrasting band sometimes black and sometimes gray that simulates a horizon line, a crack.

During the process of creating a print, the choice is always difficult because there are so many possibilities. It's by imagining them on real clothes that the final choice is made. Printed on two different materials, one in jersey for the fluidity and the other in taffeta for the accentuated volume, we put the print on dresses, tops, but also in a more unusual way on swimsuits.