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A flora with a thousand faces

It was after a stay on the North Shore of the St-Lawrence river with is many species of vascular plants, lichens and various mosses that are found in great concentration that the prints and the choice of materials for the A22 collection were born.
“This vegetation, resilient to extreme climates, amazed me with its diversity. You have to look closely, to see with a magnifying glass in order to perceive the smallest versions of orchids existing on our planet. Armed with my cell phone, I wanted to visually document this nature where many will only see the steppe. It is by magnifying these photos that the colours and textures specific to this region of Quebec appeared.
Thus, the tea leaf of Labrador and the rocky soil of the St-Lawrence shores tinged with orange became printed and inspired the color range. The lichen inspired the fluffy aspect of the materials and the use of the color chantilly in the collection.
The volumes, deliberately close to the body, are in duality with the puffy volumes of the quilted materials because in this northern region, it is cold!
Asymmetry, “awkward” elements and optical illusions crept into certain models: taffeta knots, folding, hoods, bangs of feathers were also invited, bringing their share of movement.
Hybrid and convertible dresses, value-added tops, jackets, bomber coats, down jackets and accessories (lots of them!); everything is there for a proper return to normalcy.